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Malloy Web Services is a complete web management solution. When you contract us to handle your web operations, you gain a highly experienced, expert level firm that will oversee and supervise all facets of your digital communication needs.

We Are More Than Just A Web Design Firm

There are public-facing web applications... and then there are user tools linking these applications to the internals of your business. We do not differentiate between the two. All parts mesh together as one to achieve their intended function(s) and work for your business, just as a human employee would.

People often confuse "web design" with the processes of developing and maintaining your web systems. Web design merely refers to the appearance of your web site (or "graphical user interface"). The world is full of web design firms that create pretty web pages, but do not offer you the tools you need to make your site "work" for you, such as...

  • information architecture and centralization
  • data modeling & database development
  • web hosting and server administration
  • automation and administrative tools for your employees to interact with the business side of your application, for example...
    • analysis reports
    • communications
    • data and content management
    • secure e-commerce processing
    • email account administration
    • web data synchronization with other segments of your business
  • the list goes on...

Malloy Web Services was founded with the intention of serving as your all-inclusive web technology department, without incurring the cost of actually staffing a full time programming team.

Yes, we offer a full suite of graphic design services. However, that is merely one piece of the puzzle in what we refer to as "comprehensive solutions." We supply graphic design as part of the bigger picture, But we are not merely a "web design" firm.

Nothing Beats Experience

Malloy Web Services has been in the trenches for 15 years... long before there were canned solutions for many routine web site features that are available today. In earlier years, when a client asked for any kind of advanced custom functionality, we simply developed and built the solution from scratch. Times have changed, and certainly we have changed along with them. However this perspective of technology based on many years of programming experience gives us a much deeper insight into the nuts and bolts of web systems... an insight that many younger firms tend to lack.

Our Firm Is 100 Percent U.S. Based

We work with other contractors when the job requires it. While the computer programming industry continues to send more and more jobs overseas for the higher markup of cheap labor, Malloy Web Services still works exclusively with U.S. based firms and individuals. The main reason for this is because we only work with people or agencies that we know personally. Phone call We do this for a number of reasons, not the least of which is quality assurance. We prefer to stick with what we know and who we know, because we already have a winning formula. We will not risk our reputation or compromise our standards by contracting jobs to countries known for cheap labor... where time differences, communication barriers and other unknown elements can (and often do) make messes out of projects.

Therefore, we have no desire to seek out cheap overseas labor. We remain a completely U.S. based firm with U.S. business hours. The same goes for any third party contractors who might be involved in the project. You can still pick up the phone and speak to the person or people that work directly on your account. Clients that rely on us will never get their project tossed halfway around the world into unfamiliar hands. That would completely contradict the spirit of our commitment to excellence.

We Partner With Clients For The Long Haul

Our experience shows that when choosing a web services provider, it usually works out best to find one that will learn your business inside and out and stick with that firm. With some of our long time clients, we have gotten to the point that we know there needs and requirements as much as they do or even better. Ask our any of our clients and they will tell you the same thing. Above all else, we seek long term business partnerships that result in win/win working relationships.

An Actively Involved Founder

Matt Malloy has been practicing web development for over 15 years, including 3 years as Director of Technology for several mid-sized financial corporations, overseeing all aspects of web, software, and intranet development. Matt still stays actively involved by managing every project and getting to know each client. When you do business with Malloy Web Services, you are not just getting "web services,"... you are also getting Matt Malloy working for you personally.

Is Malloy Web Services a Good Fit For You?

Here are some reasons why Malloy Web Services might be a good fit for you.

  • You're just starting out with a new web presence... be it a new business, or an established "brick and mortar" seeking to become more active on the internet.
  • You need a new firm to take over management of your existing web presence.
  • You've decided it's more cost effective to outsource your digital business operations.
  • You're current web presence is not as effective as you'd like it to be.
  • You need someone who can completely run your internet business from their own facilities.
  • You would like to establish a business partnership with web industry experts.
  • You have operational needs that extend beyond the simple, such as data centralization and organization.
  • You would like to integrate real-time secure transactions into your web site, or need merchant account or payment gateway services.
  • You need secure and stable web hosting.
  • You need help integrating your web site with other segments of your business.
  • You seek new ways to automate your business operations with custom programmed solutions.
  • You are in need of inventing (or re-inventing) your visual branding.

We can help you with all of the above and more. The first step is pick up the phone and give us a call at 914.274.2042 for a free consultation. You may also use our contact form and send us an inquiry.

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