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Below is a sampling of client feedback. However sometimes printed words just don't paint the full picture. If you'd prefer to speak with any Malloy Web Services client as a reference. Please contact us to make arrangements. We'll be happy to accommodate this.

"We have been pleased to trust all of our internet business to Malloy Web Services since 2000. No matter what ideas or requests we put on the table, we have always received valuable advice and professional results. We do not have dedicated staff to handle things like our web server or e-mail, which is why it's so handy to have them on top of it for us.

While they do provide regular site updates, they have also given us ways to update some parts of the site ourselves. That has really made a big difference in convenience and cost savings. When schedules change or announcements need to be made, we now have the ability to update our site at any time on short notice.

I highly recommend Malloy Web Services. It's as good as having professional web team on your staff. I can tell you from years of experience, they're a great knowledgeable firm that actually cares about their customers."

- John Spollen - Web Site Manager: St. Augustine's Parish, Larchmont NY

"I'm very happy with the site. And I must say, it was a real pleasure to work with Matt! He was very patient, very clear, very generous, no-drama, and really good at what he does."

- Jane Wheeler - Board of Directors: Port Chester Obedience Training Club, White Plains NY

"We first contracted Malloy Web Services over 5 years ago and haven't looked back. We are a professional hockey association with strong needs for tracking our data and managing our contact information. We have a member base of roughly 500 professional trainers and managers. We coordinate with the National Hockey League, numerous minor hockey leagues from all over the world, over 150 different vendors and advertisers. We need up-to-date information on all teams arenas, practice facilities and supporting staff in order to publish our yearly printed directory. We also organize an annual convention each June which is a huge job to coordinate.

Before working with Malloy Web Services, we had no systems in place to make our operations easy or efficient. Everything was tracked through spreadsheets updated manually. This was not only very time-consuming... but made it very hard to keep track of all of our information and keep it up to date. We did not have any real way to be sure our data was current, or download it into instant real-time reports.

By working with Malloy Web Services, our operations have greatly improved from where we were 5 years ago. Everything we do now is either fully automated or at least easy to manage. We have a centralized database for everything. We now have a large members-only area of the web site, where we centralize communication, and our members log in to keep their information up to date. Credit and transactions and everything else are done online (no more manual processing).

All I can really say is that Malloy Web Services is an extremely capable and accommodating firm that will definitely work with you to help you "figure it out" and come up with solutions, no matter what you ask for. Their customer support is as good as it gets. They will go the extra mile for you, as they've done for us over and over again throughout the years. I simply cannot recommend this firm highly enough. We are extremely pleased to have them on our side."

- Anita Ramsay - Project Manager: Professional Hockey Athletic Trainers Society / Society of Professional Hockey Equipment Managers, Granite Springs NY

"I love my new web site! I get so many compliments about it. People are very impressed. I could not be happier with the job that Malloy did."

- Mystic Bowie - Professional Singer, Songwriter & Entertainer, Jamaica

"Malloy Web Services programmed some really cool customizations for our forum. Webmasters contact me on a regular basis asking how we were able to put in certain features they want to copy. If you're wondering whether this is a good firm to work on your site, don't wonder any more... just call Matt - you can't go wrong. He really is an expert with all this web stuff - not to mention a really nice guy :)"

- Mark Kelley - Senior Moderator: Hockey Station, British Columbia

"When we decided to bring our business online, Malloy Web Services came to us highly recommended, and they definitely did not disappoint. We are very pleased with the site that was built for us. We have also been greatly impressed with their knowledge and professionalism overall, and they are very easy to work with and patient. We look forward to expanding the web side of our business as demand continues to grow."

- Scott Kender - Managing Partner: Arena Wear, Harrison, NY

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