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Why are you here? It's a simple enough question, yet the answer eludes many of the people we come into contact with every day. We're not referring to the generalities. We mean specifically what would you like us to do for you?

We Will Help You Form A Plan Of Action

Many people need help sorting out exactly what they need from us. Often, their ideas are vague. They need help in focusing where to begin... whether improving existing web sites, or even starting out from nothing... it can be a surprisingly challenging task just to get the ball rolling. While some know what they want, many still haven't thought it through to the point where there is an actual plan, because in most cases, they are not equipped to answer the questions that need answering. They need information, guidance, advice, options and costs involved in order to make intelligent business decisions on how to proceed. Additionally, at this stage it is beneficial to review the overall expectations you have for your web presence.

We will help you This is where we come into play. We consult with new clients free of charge. We'll meet with you face-to-face (or via phone conference if you prefer). We will lead you through a complete needs assessment evaluation for as long as it takes. Whether you need a little bit of guidance or a lot, we give you straight answers in laymen's terms that will help you understand everything that is involved. This will enable you to make informed decisions as you step through the planning process. During this initial consultation, we also help analyze the specific role that the site will play as an integral part of a well-thought out strategy. The more we get to know about your goals and priorities, the better positioned we are to suggest the most effective approaches in fulfilling your needs.

Many clients who consult with us on this level come to realize some things they hadn't thought of before. We are that thorough. We have to be in order to arrive at solutions that deliver exactly what you need within your resources. There are always multiple options when it comes to achieving your goals. We'll help you sort through those options, the costs, the nuances, and the advantages (and disadvantages) of each.

But when all is said and done, you will call the shots. We cannot tell you how much money you should budget for a project, or prioritize your business goals for you... What we can do is empower you with the awareness and knowledge that will help you to decide what is the best course of action for you. From this process, workable ideas get formulated. And that is how we lead our clients from vague beginnings to real plans of action.

Proceed With Caution

Choosing a web service provider can be an overwhelming experience. The web design business is overloaded with marginally qualified newcomers, trumpeting their low-cost "design" services while entirely missing the point of capturing and leveraging the full potential of the internet as a business tool. The internet is one of most powerful business & communication channels to come along in recent history, if not all of history. With that in mind, understand that the world's 'prettiest' web site is of little value, unless it is leveraging power of this amazing medium to effectively work for you in some capacity, and supporting your business objectives. Your web operations should be generating revenue or reducing expenses - or both.

Here are some considerations you should keep in mind of when looking at web service providers:

  1. Will the provider take the time to get to know you and your business? Or are they only interested in wedging you into their 'cookie-cutter' web site formula? Fact: One size does not fit all when it comes to web applications. Some firms advertise "an X page web site for only X dollars." That's like offering to sell you a pair of shoes without asking what style you prefer, or even what size you wear. Malloy Web Services treats our clients as partners - often taking on the role of an employee in your organization - to work in accordance with your specific business plan and goals.
  2. Can the provider position your website to be an independent 24/7 sales force, encouraging your visitors to purchase products online? We never lose sight of the fact that your web site is your employee. It's not enough for the site to look good. If your site's not doing its job then it needs to be better managed. We provide research tools to help measure your site's effectiveness, and will help you to make adjustments, improve conversions and turn visitors into buyers.
  3. Will the provider be able to position your site so as to maximize its visibility and automatically drive potential customers to your site? Malloy Web Services uses advanced analytics and search engine optimization techniques to raise your online profile, and help generate more sales from organic traffic (search engines).
  4. Will the provider be on hand to help fine tune your operations as your business grows and conditions change? This is generally where the 'cookie cutter' site providers tend to fail miserably. With Malloy Web Services working for you, all of your online efforts will benefit from regular review and adjustments to current business conditions, ever-changing technological landscapes, and your own company's evolution.

Avoid wasteful and time-consuming miscues by approaching your endeavor correctly from the start. Allow us to empower you with insightful knowledge free of charge before making any decisions. Call now at 914.274.2042, or use our contact form and we'll get in touch with you at your convenience.

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